about the Dear:

in between these virtual walls you can expect you find recipes built from the ground up, as explained by a lady prone to passionate rambling who was never bent on being socially acceptable or appearing put together. while rummaging through Dear Guts, you’ll stumble upon a majority of veg[etari]an recipes (some of my favorites can be found hereor hereprobably here and everyone’s favorite here) because, well, mainly it’s just how I cook but, more importantly, our reliance on meat is the single biggest factor destroying our planet. no beef in my grocery bag, just some swishers and a whole bunch of cans of whoop-ass. you’ll also find a lot of fermented things because it’s a whole other world for my imagination to explore without leaving my kitchen. you’ll, mostly, just find someone being resourceful with food, who is obsessed with the every aspect of putting together a meal.



about the Guts:

I’m 25, have a weird brain but mostly trust it, live in milwaukee and like being called dallas. when I’m not in the kitchen, I like (laughably slowly) learning how to speak french and play guitar. I like nearly drowning in the kickapoo river, gardening, spending an irregular amount of time laughing, thinking about creepy things, making my boyfriend hate me and going on long walks to dig through garbage (to find not only treasures but also a better understanding of my neighbors and the world I live in), only coming home after my arms are full or I’m thoroughly disgusted for the day..whichever comes first. I love movies, specifically american new wave and italian horror. sometimes I worry my brain’s real estate is too full of references from movies, stories about people that don’t exist, but who cares? there’s room. and at least I’m not religious. I throw a weekly movie-night at my house on thursdays, when it’s above 40 degrees we watch them outside, and everyone is invited (but nobody ever comes). my dream, I guess, is to one day run a small dine-in movie theater with equally strange-yet-amazing food and movies. every night there’d be double features, and every night we’d get out of hand.

my friend and I just started a zine, Decent Grief, so one of my favorite things to do is work on new pages for it. I’ve never drawn more than like an hour total per year, so I’m working on getting better at it/doing it more often. one of my first bigger drawings was, no surprise, based on food (specifically, how to make kimchi).

Dear Guts has given me an amazing platform to express myself, a place to put my words, my pictures, my life. I appreciate everyone who reads it more than they’ll ever know. cooking has taught me the secret language spoken between my mind and my body; it has made me more connected to, appreciative and defensive of our planet. cooking has given me freedom, health and a way to communicate with people on another level. I have a place in the world, and the world has a place in me.

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  1. Your garden is beautiful. So proud of you both for all the hard and loving work you do.


  2. kat says:

    interesting and lovely blog you have. what made you decide on naming it dear guts?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. dearguts says:

      I like its double meaning (dear as in cherished and dear like the salutation). Eating good, healthy food and writing about it is like a love letter to my guts, haha. Thanks and so happy to hear you like it!

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Lynn says:

    Love your strange perversity…way before your blog.


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