Rose Berry Kombucha


This is without a doubt both mine and my lover’s favorite kombucha either of us have had (and after brewing it for ~7 years and trying almost everything available in stores, that is really saying something). It’s similar to a familiar rose berry flavored kombucha but brewed with hibiscus from the start instead of tea, making it just the flavors we want and no filler. I used two of Traditional Medicinal’s Cup of Sunshine tea bags here to make use of the honeybush’s pronounced wood and honey flavors.

You can find my first post on the hibiscus kombucha here (Hibiscus Kombucha Smoothie) and another recipe making use of kombucha here (Black Cherry Kombucha Margaritas).


Rose Berry Kombucha

makes 1 quart jar (or 4 cups)


3 oz mixed berry juice of choice

1 tsp rose water (I use Ziyads)

1 tsp sugar for bottle conditioning

1/8 tsp high quality vanilla extract

~30 oz hibiscus kombucha (recipe below)

2 Cup of Sunshine tea bags (optional but highly recommend!)

In a quart jar, pour in the 3 oz of berry juice, sugar, vanilla extract and rose water. Pour in hibiscus kombucha all the way to the top, then add in the Cup of Sunshine tea bags with the strings dangling out the top of the jar. Seal and let sit for ~2-3 days or until carbonated.

Hibiscus Kombucha

makes 1 gallon


1/4 cup dried hibiscus flours

1 cup sugar

~14 cups of water, separated

1 cup finished kombucha and SCOBY

Bring 2 cups of the water to a boil. Remove from heat and steep the hibiscus using a strainer for 5 minutes. Remove the hibiscus and stir in the 1 cup of sugar until dissolved. Pour into a gallon jar, then add the remaining ~12 cups of water (slightly cold so that the mixture is now close to room temperature). Add the finished kombucha and SCOBY. Let brew somewhere warm and dark for 1-2 weeks depending on temperature, then start testing it.


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