Homemade Ricotta

ricttIf you’ve never made ricotta before, you are seriously missing out. It doesn’t even resemble what’s sold in stores. It’s luxurious, impressive and so, so easy. Making homemade ricotta is as easy as making boxed macaroni and cheese. The huge jump in quality also makes it more versatile; it’ll find its way into salads, dips, every baked good you make from here on out, stuffed in french toast (pictured below), on top of pizza or scrambled with eggs in fritatta. Your homemade ricotta simply spread onto toast will become your new favorite snack and you’ll wonder ‘where have you been all my life?’.


1 gallon whole milk (anything not ultra-high temperature pasteurized is fine)
2/3 cup lemon juice
2 tsp salt

Pour milk into a large saucepan. Over medium heat, gradually warm the milk to 200 degrees (this takes a few minutes)

Remove milk from heat and carefully stir in the lemon juice and salt.

Let it sit for 10 minutes. Curds should form by now, but if not just add a tablespoon white vinegar and give it a few more minutes.

Strain the curds with a cheesecloth lined strainer. Let it drain for 10 minutes-1 hour depending on how dry you like it. Store with leftover whey.


(Pictured: ricotta & persimmon butter stuffed french toast topped with a blackberry & apple cider vinegar sauce)

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